All Souls Day

October 31, 2013

Dear Diary,
       Everything is set to check off #17 on my fuckit list. I think it’s especially appropriate that I’ll be nailing this one down on Halloween! I mean, what could be more appropriate than graveyard sex on the spookiest night of the year? I’m dressing as a sexay vampire. He’ll be my victim. He’s going to be there in about an hour. I’m going to “sneak” up and “attack” him and then the fun begins.
       I picked out the perfect spot, too. It’s the crypt of a Madam who died nearly 100 years ago. Her name? Josie, of course – I couldn’t resist! And, get this – her grave site is believed to be haunted. They say that the statue of the woman in front of the tomb comes to life and walks the cemetery grounds at night.
       Well, off to get lucky – lucky 17. I’ll report back on my adventure. Until then, Happy Halloween.
–Love, Josie

November 2, 2013

A diary. How quaint. I suppose I should honor the girl by reporting back on her Halloween adventure.She certainly chose a nice specimen to complete her dirty deed; I have no complaints. He was well endowed and eager to accommodate. It was a delightful awakening and with that last, delicious final thrust, Josie experienced a moment of true ecstasy. I do believe I shall allow him to call on me again.

I am impressed with her creativity. This little journal contains some titillating details of her exploits and an intriguing list of adventures yet to be experienced. I will endeavor to complete her list and I have many ideas of my own to add to it.
It is a pity that she could not stay, but there simply was not enough room for both of us.
And now, dearest diary, I am closing out this chapter of Josie’s short but adventurous life.— Miss Josie
(This excerpt is modified into flash fiction. The original will be found in the novel Unlocked Diaries – Dirty Little Secrets that is being written right now during NaNoWriMo)

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