I am a purveyor of dreams, fantasies, and the occasional nightmare. Purv for short.

Usually sensual, often romantic, frequently erotic, sometimes humorous and nearly always offbeat—aiming for provocative. The stories that I write as well as the people, places and events found in them are pure fiction and nothing more—as far as you know.

Born a Texan. Traveled as an army brat. Raised on the south Florida muck. One hurricane too many sent me packing and I landed in New Orleans mere months before Katrina came calling.

Though often found back in the sultry Florida tropics, I still live and play in New Orleans. It’s been said that you don’t choose New Orleans, she chooses you. She beckons you to taste and savor her, listen to her melodic voice, watch her perform, breathe in her essence and touch her in her most intimate places. I’m just here to cop a feel.

Dedicated to the man who saw the sign and considered it an invitation.