Let’s Do It Again

Well, it was a wild ride; wasn’t it?
For my part, I wouldn’t trade a second of it:
Not the heartbreaks, the tragedies, the colossal failures, or even
the nose dives into the depths of despair.

After all, that gave perspective; didn’t it?
It gave brilliant clarity to:
The heart that could swell beyond the constraints of the human body to love across distance and time;
The side splitting, rib bruising, belly aching laughter that left our faces hurting;
The spectacular, underdog, pull-it-off-at-the-last second, butt-wiggling successes;
Or even those precious moments when it seemed our hearts took wing and propelled us to the fluffy, cloud encased heights of pure joy.

It’s been a grand, mysterious adventure into what could be,
neatly wrapped in an infinite variety of colors, fragrances, flavors, music and textures –
All of it, made better because it was shared with you.

So, on the off-chance that the world ends tomorrow or the day after, let me take today to say two things:

1) Thank you,
2) Let’s do it again.

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