A Proper Education

A recent viewing of the movie – Dangerous Beauty – coupled with conversation inspired the muse who co-exists inside me to ponder a world of exalted beauty and pleasure.

What if instead of being taught to compete with men, we were taught to complement them by being wholly feminine?

I imagine a world where school not only taught the three R’s but also taught girls to embrace that which is beautiful in themselves and they learned how to express it – to be beauty in motion. No, not beauty as defined in popular media, rather finding what is supremely unique about each girl and bringing that forth – cultivating it…nurturing it.

What if every girl were raised as if she were a gift for a god? What caliber of  men would be deserving of something so precious?

Ah, what divine desirable creatures we’d have walking amongst us and oh, how wonderful to be counted in their number.

And in keeping with that theme, I give you a 140 character sentiment –

Since her youth, she was prepared to be possessed by a god – her skills honed on males whom she called dogs, unable to see them as real men.

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