Fire Dance

Leaves crackled underfoot as I crept near, drawn by the flickering glow of a camp fire that cast wavering shadows across the small clearing.

Watching secretly from the bushes, I saw a raven-haired girl dance to the throbbing earth-beat that pulsed up through her bare feet.

Bejeweled toes flexed, digging deeply into the coarse sand of the pit – talons holding prey.

Snaking arms glinted with golden bangles and coin bracelets clattered a cadence as her body pitched forward stretching…reaching.

Undulating hips rocked sinuously from side to side – honey trapped in an hour glass – Looping-Dipping-Lifting. Inviting men and their money.

A moan escaped my throat; my belly beckoned me to sway to the primal drum – to join her fire dance.

Startled, I gasped as another coin hit the ground at her feet tossed by an invisible hand. Who else watched from the shadows?

(Note: This is a compilation of individual tweets (140 characters or less) woven together into a single moment in time.

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