Beware the Bubble Gum Suitor

Shoe with gum stuck on the bottom

Seduction by those bubble gum words –
Slick, juicy, sweet.

Fork-tonguing the pliable pink wall – 
Push, probe, retreat. 

Artfully exhales, truth and lies blurred – 
Stretch, pop, repeat. 

Chews out the flavor. Gonna use it all –
Spit, discard. mistreat.


Today, we expand our vocabulary with a brand-spanking-new word:
Nimble fingers find their mark with eager anticipation
Of that exquisite moment of sweet release;
A sigh, a moan – bramancipation (tm).

This new word is brought to you courtesy of MadDawg who gave permission to yours truly to introduce it here. Don’t you feel smarter already?


Originial photo by Sean Carpenter
A smile in her direction, her name upon his lips,
A hint of true affection, his hands upon her hips –
Memories that cruelly taunt her;
Desires that make her ache,

For the time when he still wants her
Since she is his to take.

NaNoWriMo 2014

The second of November, the day of the dead
and here I sit wrestling words from my head.
It’s day two of NaNoWriMo;
One thousand words down; Forty-nine thousand to go.
I need to write faster. I need to write more.
By midnight tonight, I should be at 3 -3-3-4.
Long days and late nights,
forget showers, just write!
Word after word appears on the screen
as I lay down the prose of a steamy sex scene.
Keep writing, keep counting, keep rocking this story;
Hell bound and hell bent for 50-k glory.


Beneath ancient bearded sentinels, fires burn.

Mark the liminal end and beginning; this time of the veil thinning
When those who left, return.

(140 spooky characters)


One is our past, the other our future – both gifts not given away.
Memories are experience that can’t be undone, though used to dream a new day.
I embrace my memories as well as my dreams; they both are a part of me.
But, I can’t live just in the past and give up what is yet to be. 
So, tell me your tales of the good old days; reminisce over a cup of tea.
As long as once your stories are told, you come dream a future with me.

Mardi Gras

Anonymous sin cloaked in masquerade,
Decadent celebrations on parade,
Primal indulgences and flouting the law,
Welcome, dawlin’, to Mardi Gras.

(140 Carnival Characters)


Counting all of the ways, like counting sheep,
And listing all of her whys, she fell asleep,
Trying to find the right words that’d best convey
What swelled in her heart for Valentine’s Day.

She woke the next morning in the exact same place,
Cheek pressed to keys, a word on her face –
More poetic than the words shown on the display,
Yes, “qwerty” was what she was trying to say.

Dark Places

Original photo by Steffen Zelzer

You want to explore dark places with me?
Do tag along if you dare.
Though, when you return, you may not be

The same you as when you went there.

(140 dark characters)