Good Girls Get Nice Presents


It’s true; good girls get nice presents, but it’s the naughty girls who get the candy cane, a ride in his sleigh and everything in his sack.
(140 good little characters)

Any Gift

Whatever the cost, be it –
your time, or your talents, or even your hard earned cash,

the true value of any gift always comes from your heart.

(140 characters with heart)
Another #HolidaySurvivalin6Words Challenge Post.

Start with Pie

Her approach to surviving the holidays was quite simple:
Count your blessings. Start with pie,” she advised.

She was a big fan of eating pie.

(140 blessed little characters)

This post was inspired by the #HolidaySurvivalin6Words challenge.

Happy Farther’s Day

We call them Daddy, Pop, Father – those guys we count on, who never reject us and love unconditionally. We celebrate the men who go farther.
(140 loving characters)


Beneath ancient bearded sentinels, fires burn.

Mark the liminal end and beginning; this time of the veil thinning
When those who left, return.

(140 spooky characters)

His Heart

Many walked through her life,
Exit stage left, stage right.
But, there can only ever be
Just one who holds the key
to her heart…
His heart.
(140 heartfelt characters for the one who holds the key)

Dutch Treat on SBJ Day

In honor of Steak and a Blow Job Day,
we decided that this date night we’d go dutch treat.
He’d bring the meat and I’d take care of the rest.

(140 M-m-meaty Characters)

Mardi Gras

Anonymous sin cloaked in masquerade,
Decadent celebrations on parade,
Primal indulgences and flouting the law,
Welcome, dawlin’, to Mardi Gras.

(140 Carnival Characters)


Counting all of the ways, like counting sheep,
And listing all of her whys, she fell asleep,
Trying to find the right words that’d best convey
What swelled in her heart for Valentine’s Day.

She woke the next morning in the exact same place,
Cheek pressed to keys, a word on her face –
More poetic than the words shown on the display,
Yes, “qwerty” was what she was trying to say.