Naughty Bits


Wildfires, floods, hurricanes, and quakes filled news headlines. But, it was matters of the heart that filled her mind,
“My world is ending.”
(140 disastrous characters)
Mother nature has had her way with us this year. Many of us have been dancing to her tune for a couple of months preparing for, running from or cleaning up after her unleashed furry. Yours truly has been among those stocking up, leaving town and eventually playing host to others who had to get out of Dodge. And while this note serves as a feeble excuse for my long absence from writing, the main purpose was to explain where I’ve been and to remind us that many have not come through this unscathed. Their lives have been upended in profound ways through loss of loved ones and loss of the life that they knew. If you can help others in any way, please do.


Some men show their strength by lifting weights;
Others claim to move mountains.
But, only Daddy has the power to lift up and move this girl.

(140 powerful characters for Daddy’s Day)

Forever and a Day

Good night, my Love.
You’ll be in my dreams tonight,
You’ll be my first thought in the morning,
and You’ll be in my heart forever and a day.
(140 dreamy characters)

The Kiss

A tug brings the quivering halo of her half parted lips to his.
Passion suspends in warm staccato breaths,

His mouth descends upon hers.

(140 kissable characters)

By request, here’s an audio of yours truly reading this piece


It’s been awhile since I’ve written here. Now that summer (and all of the distractions that come with it) is over, I’m back to the keyboard.

To celebrate the change of seasons, I wrote this little 140 character piece – Gloaming.

Happy Fall, Y’all!

Paint the world bittersweet in the penumbra fringe;
Hasten the sun’s fade and chilled twilight air,
Then whisper dark secrets in the gloaming.

Breath Play

Liberated by his smile, her suspended breath unhitches,
Élan vital permeates the veil to her soul.
(140 breathless characters)


Quiet. Pensive. Withdrawn.
She often retreated to the comfort of her own mind.
It hurt too much to live in a body controlled by others.


(140 characters)

Tone Deaf

Wistfully she recalled her words spilling freely over silken lips –
Love tones sent to a once open heart.
Pity. Hardened hearts are tone deaf.
(140 Well-toned Characters)


Reflecting in the mirror, she pondered her state of singleness aloud.

“Who will love me just as I am?”
The answer was staring her in the face.
(140 loving characters)

I am Working

When you see me staring off into the distance, I am working…I am writing.
I may also be procrastinating. It is hard to tell the difference.
(140 hard working little characters)